Preset Reports by User
on 30 June 2014 12:49 PM

This option allows each user the possibility of specifying to which preset reports they will be able to access, limiting those to which no access will be granted.

In order to set up this configuration when creating or editing a user, you must mark the following checkbox:


New User


Edit User


In cases where no limitation for accessing the reports is required, you should not mark the checkbox.


When you enable this function, the following option will be added to each user’s screen:

“Edit accessible reports”


Here you will be able to indicate the reports to which the user will have access.

A report tree with two tiers will be shown. In the first tier, you will find the type of report (campaigns, sites, spaces, etc.) and in the second tier, the report’s title.


The types of reports also have a checkbox. And you can check/uncheck all the options that are associated to them.

When you access the screen for the first time, no report is checked.

If you create a user with the restriction but never access the screen to edit the reports available to him, this user will not be able to access any report.


If the user has a reports permission which is disabled, it will not be feasible to enable a report from this configuration:

E.g.: If the user does not have access to the Conversion Reports, he will not be able to configure any of these from the Edit view of each particular report:



A user who only has enabled the following preset report in the Global option: “Clicks+revenues by advertiser, currency and date”,



will view this in Reports>Global>Preset Reports:


Those filters that do not include an enabled report will show a blank list:

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