SSP - Generic Advertiser/Campaign/Ad
on 30 June 2014 01:06 PM

When the “Exchange” service is active and there is activity present (Selling of inventory) in the account new information will start to register that will help to see the yield of the site(s) active in the Exchange:

- Advertiser >> The information regarding the advertisers that are buying through Exchange can be checked in Reports. Those advertisers that are moderated will appear with their names and those that are not yet will be shown under the name "Unidentified advertisers".

In every other report (preset or advanced) where the variable "advertiser" is included, all the RTB advertisers will appear with the reference "(RTB)" aside the name, in order to differentiate them from the rest (direct advertisers). Again, all the RTB advertisers that are not yet moderated will appear summed up under "Unidentified advertisers".

- Campaign >> Unidentified RTB Campaign (RTB)

- Ad >> Unidentified RTB Ad (RTB)


This will not be “manageable” data. Therefore, the information will not be present in the Advertisers/Campaigns listings. This data will only be visible if you review the Reports section.

These are some examples:


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