e-planning Header Bidder: Introduction
on 05 September 2016 07:16 PM


What is Header Bidder?

Header Bidder is a system that allows to monetize all the inventory through RTB with premium advertisers in sites that use DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) with one tag.


How does it work?

  1. A single tag is placed in the site. This type of integration avoids wrestling with complex tag loads.
  2. The system detects all DFP placements and auctions them through RTB at the settled price.
  3. The winning bid creatives are displayed. The non-winning placements display DFP ads instead.



  • Very simple integration.
  • Bid prices control.
  • Reports with results per site, country and placement.
  • Greater yield, as if there are no bid winners, then DFP ads are displayed.



  • Price control per country
  • Advertisers block
  • Block per advertiser categories
  • Block per ad features
  • Real time reports of revenues and advertisers
  • Integration with +200 sources of demand


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