e-planning Header Bidder: Platform Use
on 25 November 2016 04:00 PM


HB Contract

An HB account contract is made through e-planning Account Executives (sales@e-planning.net).


Access to HB account

Upon creation of the account, access details should be sent.

The login process is made through the Header Bidder website: http://www.e-planning.net/headerbidder




Choose the method to receive the payments:



To start using HB, proceed with the service main configuration:

- Default minimum price (Price Floor)

- Restriction of countries

- Advertisers block: Domains / Categories / Type of Creatives


Tags Implementation

When the HB configuration is ready, you may proceed with the implementation of the tags located in the "IMPLEMENTATION" tab.

Two types of tags will be offered: One for DISPLAY implementation adn another one for VIDEO implementation:

For both types you`ll find HTTP/HTTPS versions. Choose the correct tag for your site.

For Display, the tag should be copied and pasted in the site pages or sites to be monetized. The tag must be placed before the DFP tag: 

The HB tag works in an asyncronic way (ASYNC). This means that there is no risk of latency in the website.


For Video, the tag should be copied and pasted before the VAST URL in the video player implemented in the site.

More information about "Implementation for Video"

Sites Registration - Moderation

Once the tag is implemented, the recognized inventory will be automatically created: Site/s and Placements.

Sites should suffer a moderation process before being offered in Exchange.

The placement´s names given in DFP will be used in reports in HB.


Sites Configuration

If you have more than one Site, you may choose to use Price+Countries+Creatives+Categories of Advertisers specific rules. In such case, business should be adjusted in the most suitable way.


Reports Reading

You may check the results obtained through the system’s reports.

These will detail the income obtained per site/placement/country/advertiser and many other variables.


Global Reports

In order to obtain global reports directly access the initial screen "REPORTS"


Reports per Site

In order to obtain global reports directly select a site from the list:

In case of going back to global reports, you may click on the site selected to unselect it or click on the shortcut "Reports".

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