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on 25 November 2016 04:01 PM


Rules may only be set if at least 1 site is implemented.


From the RULES screen you may set the service main configuration so as to restrict prices based on sites/ spaces and countries:

  • Minimum price by default (Price Floor)

        All impressions will be auctioned at the price set at least, unless otherwise stated.

  • Restrict countries around the world

        All impressions will be auctioned in the indicated countries.

        You may set "All the world" to leave the auction as set in all countries and restrictions may be applied afterwards at a more granular level regarding price per site/space.



Addition of rules 

Once the main configuration is made, specific RULES may be applied.

Click on the + button to start setting a new rule.

A form will be displayed to select the rule criteria:


- Apply to: Select the site the rule will be applied to.

- Restriction of countries: Select the country or countries to be included in the rule.  “All the world” will be set by default.

- Restriction of categories: Select the category or categories of advertisers to be blocked.

- Restriction of creatives: Select the creative type or types to be blocked.

- Restriction of prices: You may select price per country/per site or apply a specific price per space and country at a more granular level.



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