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on 10 January 2017 01:12 PM

This format consists in a banner appearing in the middle of the screen thus achieving a whole visibility, when the user scrolls downwards in the contents. When keeping scrolling, the ad collapses automatically.

It may optionally have a close button for the user to close it manually. 

It causes a high visual impact and it may contain all types of components as image galleries, several sites, among others.



Upload in the interface:

Start from a Rich Media campaign > Add Ad Studio ad > Create Ad Studio ad: Enter Studio

On the first Studio screen select the format and its settings:

The Interscroller format, even responsive, should be designed in a 320x480 resolution (size indicated by default) and in 480x320 resolution for its landscape version.

In addition, the option "Design in both directions" will be selected, enabling to upload an image designed for devices in vertical position (portrait) and another image designed for devices in horizontal position (landscape) See Double Orientation Design

Upon selection of the size and orientation, press "Create" to start creating the creativity:

This format counts with 2 banners (one for each orientation), which may likewise contain several pages.

The necessary components must be incorporated: See Components

The ad collapses/closes automatically, but it may include a close button for users to close the ad when they wish.


How it counts:

•    Ad start: When the ad is loaded.
•    Close ad: When the ad is closed by using the button "Close ad"
•    Clicks: When it is clicked by using the button "Clicktag". 

If it has a video:

 •    Play video: When “Play” is pressed for the first time.
•    Stop video:  When “Stop” is pressed for the first time.
•    Ad stay: it activates per quarters of the video time.
•    Complete ad: When the video ends.

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