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SSP - RTB (Real Time Bidding)
on 30 July 2013 07:38 PM

Real Time Bidding refers to a new model of programmatic buying and selling of online display advertising.

It is based on a bidding system in real time, where different buyers seek to win and release the desired impression at the best possible price. And on their side, publishers try to maximize their economic benefit for each impression sold.

e-planning Exchange works with this intelligence, facilitating real time interaction between different buyers and global markets of advertising inventory.


How do RTB and e-planning ad server work?

1. When a user visits the publisher’s page, an ad request is produced and sent to the ad server.

2. e-planning ad server searches for ads among the active campaigns whose priority is higher than the SSP level.

3. If no campaign is available for that user, it delivers the impression to Exchange.

4. Then, the SSP connects to multiple sources of demand and offers the impression.

5. Each DSP analyzes that impression and answers with a “bid”.

6. The SSP assigns the impression to the highest paying bidder.

7. Then, the SSP sends notifications to the "winning” and  “losing” bidders, and finally serves the ad.




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