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on 19 December 2013 07:04 PM

Campaign status

Campaign marketing types (tipoventa_id)

Campaign pricing options

Campaign activation gaps

Campaign delivery mode (ptmodo_id)

Actions on a delayed campaign

Advertiser & Site types (variable sitipo_id)

Currencies (variable moneda_id)

Ad spaces size types (variable tamano_tipo)

Valid names guidelines

The objects names must contain at least one letter and they mustn't contain the following characters: < > \ " ' = & /

Dynamic reports filters

Dynamic reports objects


Keyword types

Purchase status

Payment status

Payment gateways (sistema_pago_id)

Taxpayers Types (tax_status_id)

The code depends on the advertiser’s country.

ID types (tipodoc_id)

Registration status


Users status


Languages (targetlangs)


Bandwith ids (target_connspeed_id)


Connection Type (target_conntype_id)

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