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DSP - Introduction
on 18 March 2014 07:06 PM

e-planning’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a platform that allows agencies, networks and advertisers to buy inventory in real time, interacting with various exchanges and sources of supply.

Buyers have a total control of their budgets and campaigns’ results with a single access point.


How It Works

e-planning’s DSP is connected to multiple sources of supply that offer impressions (SSP and exchanges). Every time an impression is available, these sources of supply send “bid requests” to the DSP, indicating the specific characteristics of the offered inventory (that is, site, category, position on page, browser, operating system, user’s information, geolocalization, among others). e-planning’s DSP thoroughly analyzes such information applying complex algorithms to determine if the impression is “useful” and the price buyers are willing to pay to purchase it. Once this analysis has been carried out, it sends a bid response (i.e., an “offer”), showing the maximum purchase price. On their side, SSP technologies complete the bidding and assign the impression to the winner. The winning bid’s ad will be served on the site. In this way, an effective connection between Supply and Demand sides is established.


Main Features

The DSP incorporates a wide set of functionalities to access the best inventory for a campaign in an intelligent way. It includes a great variety of targeting options: technological, contextual, geographic, user data and retargeting. It supports multiple formats, such as traditional, Rich Media and DCO, and also third party tags. And it integrates multiple reports in real time for a better decision making. All these features are available through a friendly interface, which allows users to maximize the impact of their campaigns and ads.


  • Algorithmic optimization

Sophisticated decision-making algorithms to maximize the campaign’s results.

  • Real Time Bidding

It purchases the adequate impressions for your campaign at the right price.

  • Audience targeting, not just inventory

Diversity of user clusters by means of integrations with data providers.

  • Contextual Targeting

Site and page thematic categories according to IAB Standards.

  • Multiple Formats

Standard Ads + In-stream Ads + Mobile + Rich Media

  • Transparency

Purchase and optimization by domains and URLs. No blind networks used.

  • Private Exchange

Private agreements with Premium Publishers.

  • DCO

Custom creatives optimized by users’ interests.

  • Reports and Insights

Comprehensive information for intelligent decision making.

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